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Cri/oFlex: a TES & MKID Cable

In astrophysics, microwave kinetic inductance detectors (MKID’s) and transition-edge sensors (TES) offer many advantages over conventional CCD technology, such as broad wavelength coverage and single-photon detection limits, as well as high energy and time resolution. 

Both MKID and TES devices allow for a high degree of multiplexing by coupling them to microwave-frequency resonators. This allows up to a thousand detector pixels to be read out using a microwave transmission measurement involving a single MKID cable. Such detector arrays are presently being scaled up to tens of thousands of pixels to allow for high-resolution imaging.

As these detector chips are usually mounted at the bottom of a telescope, they require custom-built cryostats which are limited in space and cooling power. Taking note of the current trends in scaling up such detector arrays, there is a need for compact and easy to install microwave cabling for MKID which also imposes a minimum heat load.

Cri/oFlex® solution for TES & MKID cabling

Our Cri/oFlex CF2 and CF3 products enable further scaling of these detectors by offering an alternative to conventional coaxial cabling for MKID that is:

For the most demanding experiments requiring low signal attenuation and heat load we are developing a superconducting version of our cabling for MKID, TES and other astrophysics detectors.

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Recommended Product Lines

Our Cri/oFlex® product lines for TES, MKID and detector applications

Cri/oFlex® 1

Ultimate cryogenic flexibility​

Ultra-flexible microwave i/o for scanning probe microscopes and other vibration sensitive instruments. The thinnest and the most flexible cryogenic RF cable allows you to transmit your signal while offering extreme vibrational decoupling.

Cri/oFlex® 2

The new cryogenic microwave standard

Single channel microwave i/o for densely-packed sample spaces in the refrigerators. Simple installation, small form-factor and reduced thermal loads, allow an increased number of microwave lines in cryostats. This flexible cryogenic cable is a new standard.

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Download Cri/oFlex® 2 Datasheet