APS March Meeting 2019

“Last year we promised cabling, this year we have a live demo!” says Daan (COO) proudly as he sees familiar faces from previous editions.

The March Meeting has become a special and dual purpose event for us over the last years. Next to meeting experts, getting insights in new applications, technologies, advances in the field and just a lot of fun, it also became a reference point for us to see our achievements of the last year.

As the introductory quote suggests, we made some breakthrough advances. These would not have been possible without the  help of our team, professors, partners, collaborators, customers, suppliers and everyone who had involvement in Delft Circuits the last year, thank you!

We are looking forward to the coming year, we believe there are some very exciting times ahead for the quantum market as a whole. We hope to see everyone again next year at the March Meeting with lots of new stuff to show!

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