Choosing the Right Cryogenic Cable for Your Superconducting Circuits

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At Delft Circuits, we’re not just participating in the quantum computing revolution – we’re helping to lead it. Positioned at the cutting-edge of quantum technology and cryogenic engineering in the Netherlands, we are thrilled to introduce you to the innovative world of quantum hardware and the transformative role our patented Cri/oFlex® cryogenic cables play in it.

Cryogenic cables for Aerospace & Astrophysics

Powering the Quantum Computing Ecosystem

The Dutch quantum sector thrives on the synergies between academia, research institutions, startups, and multinational corporations, all working towards expanding the horizons of quantum computing. Propelled by initiatives such as Quantum Delta NL and the National Agenda for Quantum Technology, public-private partnerships and investment flows are growing, injecting dynamism into the quantum landscape.

Our role in this vibrant ecosystem is crucial. At Delft Circuits, we’re actively developing solutions that are advancing quantum technologies not just in the Netherlands, but globally. At the heart of these solutions are our Cri/oFlex® cryogenic cables, a key part of the quantum hardware that powers this exciting field.


Cri/oFlex®: Redefining Quantum Hardware

Quantum bits, or qubits, are the driving force behind quantum computing, performing complex computations at lightning speed. This process, however, requires extremely low temperatures, almost touching absolute zero.

Addressing this requirement are our patented Cri/oFlex® cryogenic cables. These cables have been engineered to function optimally under cryogenic conditions, maintaining signal integrity and minimizing heat load. This ensures the effective operation of quantum systems, thereby positioning Cri/oFlex® as an indispensable part of quantum hardware.


Shaping the Quantum Future with Cri/oFlex®

Our Cri/oFlex® cryogenic cables encapsulate our commitment to meeting the unique challenges of the quantum industry. With features such as low thermal conductivity, superior high-frequency performance, and minimal heat load, they are perfectly adapted for quantum and other low-temperature applications. We are incredibly proud of this contribution to quantum hardware and are passionate about continuing our pioneering work in this domain.

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As we gaze into the future, we see our role in quantum computing becoming increasingly pivotal. Our Cri/oFlex® cables are not just accelerating the quantum revolution in the Netherlands; they are also making a considerable impact on the quantum stage worldwide.

As we continue to drive innovation in quantum hardware, we’re confident that our Cri/oFlex® cables will significantly contribute to shaping the future of quantum computing. We’re committed to making quantum computing not only more powerful but also more accessible, and we’re excited about our journey toward quantum supremacy. We’re proud to take you along on this transformative expedition.


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