Cri/oFlex® CF1

Unique ultra-thin, vibration isolated i/o

Cri/oFlex® CF1 cable series is specially dedicated to low mechanical coupling applications. Thanks to its intrinsic high flexibility, it is naturally well suited for SPM applications. In comparison to the standard Cri/oFlex® cables, during its development process we paid a particular attention to further increase its flexibility and ensure its UHV compatible specification. To optimize vibration isolation we can make even microwave transmission lines as thin as 300 um (10 mil), and about as wide as 1 mm (~40 mils) 

This high flexibility, comparable to a sheet of paper, in addition to the insensitivity of the insertion loss to bending is extremely useful for cabling in highly dense environment like the probe stage of a SPM. Furthermore, the line can be customized with SMA or SMP connectors. To further adapt it to your system, we are open to develop other connector options for your specific system, from mini-SMP to PCB pads endings. To further adjust our cable to your needs, we offer you the possibility to select the operating frequency bandwidth from 0 to 18 GHz, with even higher frequencies available upon request. Operating frequencies up to 40GHz are under development currently to be added to the standard possibilities.

  • High flexibility
  • Specified working temperatures 4-400K
  • Made of UHV compatible compounds
  • Selectable frequency bandwidth
  • Standard connector types
  • Ulta-flexibility option

To guarantee the quality you would expect, each CF1 cable is individually tested at cryogenic and baking temperatures several times to ensure optimal working performances once installed in your system.

Are you are planning to do ESR? Soon a new product will be released for broadband RF emission in the full frequency bandwidth, stay tuned to get the status update.

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