Cri/oFlex® CF2

Unique standardized cables

Cri/oFlex® CF2 series is specifically designed for cryogenic environments where thermal load, microwave performance, small form factor and phase stability are critically important. Our standardized CF2 series is ideally suited to solve space constraints in crowded setups, such as table-top cryo systems or densely populated mixing chambers of dilution refrigerators. 

Our versatile Cri/oFlex® technology remains highly flexible from room temperature down to cryogenic temperatures. The excellent microwave properties of our waveguides survive many bending cycles and bending radius as small as 1mm.

Extreme flexibility and small form factor make CF2 quick and easy to install in even the most compact system. Through extensive durability testing and quality control we ensure that the cables survive countless bending cycles and thermal cycles to ensure continued operation once they are installed.

The small crossection and distributed attenuation of Cri/oFlex® substantially reduces the thermal load compared to most coaxial cables. This allows lower base temperatures and the installation of more lines.

High phase stability is essential for many experiments, but conventional coaxial cables are often highly sensitive to bending and vibrations. Because Cri/oFlex® is based on monolithic waveguides the phase stability is practically insensitive to vibrations or bending.

Standardized connector options and dimensions

Cri/oFlex® CF2 combines the robustness and compatibility of SMA and SMP connectors with the versatility of our Cri/oFlex® technology. To speed up our production and ensure faster delivery times, we have developed standardized cable dimensions and connector options:

  • Connector terminating with SMA, SMP or a combination of both
  • Variable lengths of 200 to 1200 mm
  • Standard Bandwidths: 0-2 GHz, 0-6 GHz, 0-12 GHz and 0-18GHz

These represent the most commonly requested options. Extend features of the Cri/oFlex® CF2 technology offer a much wider range of customizations. Contact us if your needs exceed the standard options and you are interested in learning more about advanced customizations.

More information can be found in our datasheet, for more information you can download it here.

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