Delft Circuits opens new cleanroom facility at KabelDistrict Delft


Delft Circuits reached a major milestone today by opening a new cleanroom at Kabel District in Delft. In this 225 m2 facility we can further expand our pilot fabrication line. With this step, all offices, cryogenic measuring, assembly facilities and machine shops are now housed in Kabel District.

Delft Circuits started seven years ago in a lab on the TU Delft Campus. When we started to grow out of that, the machine workshop was established in Kabel District. This is the 12-hectare factory site of the former Nederlandse Kabel Fabriek (NKF, Dutch Cable Factory), which will gradually develop into the hotspot of Delft in the coming years.

Delft Circuits, as a cryogenic cable manufacturer, saw the opportunity to revive cable production for the “21st-century cabling” on the old NKF site.

We found a warm welcome at Kabel District. There are various sports facilities here, such as a climbing arena and padel courts. There are also several places for culture and recreation, such as the city brewery ‘De Koperen Kat’, a theatre, a terrace and various dining options. And, very important to us, a sprawling and vibrant community of various tech companies and startups, ranging from hydrogen racing cars, rockets and robot dinosaurs.

After building the machine shop, we added a cryogenics laboratory and a large assembly area. Today we are officially opening the cleanroom facility. In six months, Delft Circuits converted an old Porsche garage into a brand-new laboratory. Our spaces at Kabel District are now about 600 m2.

Together with Kabel District and other parties, we are working on the next ambitious step: building a cleanroom facility for the entire fabrication line of approximately 750 m2. We see a bright future for Delft Circuits, as a cryogenic cable manufacturer, located in the Cable district.

The official opening is at the end of this afternoon, September 21. Feel free to join us!

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