Impact Consortium – building blocks for quantum computer


Dutch Quantum Computing start-ups join hands to create ImpaQt consortium

Supporting the supply chain of quantum computers

Traditionally quantum computer development (QC) has been done with a monolithic approach – one entity manufacturing and sourcing all components. This is costly, time-consuming and risky. In order to accelerate quantum computer development, IMPAQT envisions a modular approach: independent companies focus on different parts of the stack.

On December 11, 2020 members of the IMPAQT consortium signed an agreement to collaborate on ensuring that different building blocks of QC are interfaced well. In the future, this will allow quantum computer manufacturers to easily integrate subsystems.

The members of the IMPAQT consortium are:

  • Orange QS– Integrated quantum system provider
  • Qblox – Quantum control stack provider
  • Delft Circuits – Cryogenic i/o quantum hardware provider
  • QuantWare – Customised quantum processor provider
  • Qu & Co – Algorithms for industry-relevant quantum advantage

Within the IMPAQT consortium, the members work together to build well-interfaced building blocks of a quantum computer.

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