Delft Circuit & kiutra kick-off a joint research project to develop a scalable platform for quantum technology (SPROUT) funded by Eureka Eurostars

The goal of the ”SPROUT” Project is to provide a fully integrated, turnkey cooling platform. This instrument will be the go-to solution for quick and reliable testing of components or building multi-node quantum networks. It therefore combines a reli- able, low maintenance cooling technology with integrated electronics and high-den- sity wiring for interfacing quantum hardware.

Delft Circuits and kiutra are start-ups located in two of the leading quantum hubs in Europe, sharing a common understanding of the strategic importance of quantum technologies to protect and grow wealth and security. Col- laborative efforts across borders are essential to build a strong European quantum industry. Within the SPROUT project, the partners want to support the exploitation of quantum technology and foster the quantum ecosystem and supply chain.

The SPROUT project is carried out within the framework of the European funding program ”Eurostars”, where the German partners are supported by the “Federal Ministry of Education and Research” and Dutch partners are sup- ported by the “Netherlands Enterprise Agency”.

“The SPROUT project will bring together two highly innovative companies, who complement each other perfectly, to develop solutions that will be essential for the research and industrial adoption of quantum hardware. This is also a unique opportunity to foster the collaboration between two of the leading European quantum technology hubs – Delft and Munich.”

– Alexander Regnat, CEO of kiutra

“The project aims to develop and integrate a high-density cabling from Delft Circuits including superconducting i/o integrated into the refrigerator. We believe that the partnership with kiutra will bring value to the whole cryogenic industry as well as the quantum technology.”

– Daan Kuitenbrouwer, COO of Delft Circuits

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About kiutra

kiutra GmbH was founded as a spin-off from the Technical University of Munich in 2018. Our mission is to provide researcher and quantum engineers with easy-to-use, turn-key cryostats. We facilitate low temperature investiga- tions of material samples and accelerate the development and testing of quantum hardware and related elec- tronics by means of fast-cooling tools and innovative sample exchange mechanisms. kiutra cooling platforms offer continuous sub-Kelvin cooling independent of liquid cooling media, notably independent of rare and costly helium-3. This is essential to provide cryogenic temperatures in a simple, compact, and cost-efficient way, which is a prerequisite for the application of quantum electronics at an industrial scale.

About Delft Circuits

Delft Circuits B.V., incorporated in 2017 in Delft, the Netherlands, focuses on high-tech hardware. Delft Circuits’ core activities are designing, developing, producing and delivering hardware for quantum engineers. The main product is high-density flexible cryogenic microwave cabling. The company focus is on all fields of quantum tech- nologies, quantum- computing, communication and sensing.

This project has received funding from the Eurostart-2 joint programme with co-funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

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