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Delft Circuits is introducing a full stack I/O for quantum computing, microwave drive and flux-bias lines for addressing qubits at ultra-low temperatures. Measurement wiring from room temperature down to the mK stage with integrated filtering is now possible. Filtering includes attenuators, low-pass and infrared filters, and superconducting flex. 

No need to worry about the different hardware suppliers. With the Cri/oFlex technology, there is no need for additional filtering components for the measurement wiring. Read more in the brochure.

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Product overview

Overview of our flexible cryogenic i/o product range

Cri/oFlex® 1

Ultimate cryogenic flexibility​

Ultra-flexible microwave i/o for scanning probe microscopes and other vibration sensitive instruments. The thinnest and the most flexible cryogenic RF cable allows you to transmit your signal while offering extreme vibrational decoupling.

Cri/oFlex® 2

The new cryogenic microwave standard

Single channel microwave i/o for densely-packed sample spaces in the refrigerators. Simple installation, small form-factor and reduced thermal loads, allow an increased number of microwave lines in cryostats. This flexible cryogenic cable is a new standard.

Cri/oFlex® 3

Massively scalable cryogenic i/o

Massively scalable multi-channel flexible RF cable for refrigerators, optimized for quantum computing applications with built-in on-flex filtering for signal conditioning.


About Delft Circuits

Delft Circuits is dedicated to supplying the best hardware for the quantum engineer and industry.

So far we have realised hundreds of i/o modules, for almost a hundred customers. Whether in a leading national laboratory, a Blue-chip corporation, or an ambitious professor, clients find their way to our solutions.

As an independent, dedicated quantum hardware supplier, together with our customers, we make quantum technologies a reality.   

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Delft Circuits booth number at the exhibition of the APS March Meeting is 531.  

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Download Cri/oFlex® 2 Datasheet