Microwave packaging engineer

Delft Circuits is a company that designs and manufactures hardware for the quantum industry. Our first product is a new i/o (cabling) solution – Cri/oFlex®. We are looking for a mechanical / electrical engineer who works on:

  • the design of new products
  • improves producibility of (current) new products

For your work, experience with the following topics is useful (not all of them required. We’ll teach what is necessary – eagerness to learn is important!):

  • Manufacturing Engineering (preferably of complex precision series production)
  • CAD drawing
  • Experience with finite element simulations (microwave / thermal )

You will be working at our design studio and lab in Delft in a team with specialists in the field. We offer a full-time job with a competitive wage depending on your skills and experience. Interested to join us building the quantum industry? Contact hr@delft-circuits.com

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Download Cri/oFlex® 2 Datasheet