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Cri/oFlex®3 multi channel

Delft Circuits is a Dutch start-up company which is solving the scaling problems of quantum computation. Its innovative approach for control and read out of qubits makes a transition to kilo-Qubit quantum processors achievable in the near future. Delft Circuits’ team is dedicated to creating scalable cryogenic I/O solutions.

The newest addition to the flexible microwave cryogenic I/O range, Cri/oFlex®3, is now available for sales. Cri/oFlex®3  is the missing link towards large scale quantum computing and packs many I/O channels in a single flexible flat substrate. Right now, an 8 channel version is ready for sales. Cri/oFlex®3 combines low thermal load with excellent microwave transmission and an unprecedented small footprint. More technical specifications are available here.

Cri/oFlex®3 has been successfully implemented and tested for quantum internet applications, where it was installed in a single shot from room temperature down to the chip. Read more about this in our case study here.

Cri/oFlex®3 is ideal for crowded setups where space really matters. Easy to install, robust, compact – all of these attributes make it the most wanted I/O solution in the industry. Delft Circuits, together with its customers and financial support of the European Union, has brought a first version to market and are continuing to innovate to bring the best microwave cryogenic I/O to your setup.

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Download Cri/oFlex® 2 Datasheet