31 Quantum Computing Hardware Companies Building the Future


The Quantum Daily lists 31 of them bringing hardware to the nascent industry

Delft Circuits is one of a growing number of QC startups that have appeared in the Netherlands of late. The country now somewhat of a quantum hub, Delft Circuits was founded in the city of Delft in Zuid-Holland in 2016 by Sal Bosman, Paulianne Bosman Brouwer and Daan Kuitenbrouwer.

Delft Circuits product line includes the Cri/oFlex®, which is a monolithic microwave cryogenic cabling solution. The product comes in three ranges:

The Cri/oFlex® 1, which offers cryogenic flexibility, the Cri/oFlex® 2, the new cryogenic microwave standard and the massively scalable cryogenic i/o Cri/oFlex® 3.

The team obviously sees specialist wiring and instrumentation for quantum computers as a niche market for the future.

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Download Cri/oFlex® 2 Datasheet