Quantum Standardisation is entering its next phase


CEN-CENELEC has formally approved to initiate of a “Joint Technical Committee” on Quantum Standardisation (“CEN-CLC/JTC”). This JTC will be the formal body for defining European standards on topics like Quantum Computing, Quantum Metrology and Quantum Communication.

Delft Circuits has played an important driving role in moving quantum standardisation to this next phase. It was the result of active participation within the present Focus Group Quantum Technology (FGQT) of CEN-CENELEC (see: https://www.cencenelec.eu/areas-of-work/cen-cenelec-topics/quantum-technologies/).

Thanks to that participation, FGQT has built a consensus view on a layered software stack and multiple hardware stacks of Modular Quantum Computers. This view is described in detail in both the Roadmap document, which is currently under development within FGQT, and an invited journal paper “Towards European Standards for Quantum Technologies” (see https://arxiv.org/abs/2203.01622 section 3.2) for EJP Quantum Technology (see https://epjquantumtechnology.springeropen.com/qs).

These layers have been defined with the purpose of “Modularity” in mind. It will offer research teams and other customers a supply chain of components and modules from various vendors, from which they can assemble their quantum computers. It will save them lots of effort to focus on novel developments. Delft Circuits is one of these suppliers, with various products for the “Control Highway” layer of a quantum computer.

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