Transmon Case Study – Making Scalable Quantum Computers

Cri/oFlex® Case Study

Superconducting transmon qubits are one of the most promising platforms to reach quantum supremacy. Large efforts are underway to make scalable quantum computer hardware using this approach. To properly control transmon qubits, filtering of the microwave cryogenic cable is an absolute necessity. Fully commercial cryogenic filtering is hard to come by and forces labs to create their own or compromise on qubit performance. 

In 2021, the ImpaQT consortium consisting of Delft Circuits, QBlox, Orange QS, Quantware and TNO, collaborated to build a demonstration platform using quantum computer hardware and software solutions. Delft Circuits provided microwave cryogenic cabling for control and read-out with integrated low-pass and metal-powder (IR) filtering. We successfully measured and characterized working transmon qubits with lifetimes up to 15 µs. Showing that Cri/oFlex® 2X is well suited for transmon qubits and can drastically reduce installation time due to their compact size, flexibility, and integrated filters.

Download the full case study below!

Download Transmon case study

Wiring diagram of transmon case study setup
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Download Cri/oFlex® 2 Datasheet