Flex cabling for cryogenic systems

With our Cri/oFlex® product line, we introduce an ultra-low thermal conductance and scalable cryogenic i/o solution, using (super)conducting circuits on flexible substrates. Designed specifically for cryogenic setups, it provides excellent microwave performance, low thermal load, flexibility, ease of installation and reliability. Therefore Cri/oFlex® is ideal for all your cryogenic i/o challenges.

First product available

With Cri/oFlex® CF2 now available, you can tackle all your cryogenic i/o challenges. It is available with SMP and SMA connectors with a bandwidth from DC up to 18 GHz. Compared to semi-rigid, or hand-formable coax cables, it allows much more complex wiring and does not wear.

CF2 Datasheet is available

The Cri/oFlex® 2 datasheet is now available. If you would like to know more about the product and its specifications, either read about our standardized cabling solution on the CF2 page or open the datasheet directly.

Cri/oFlex Compact

cf2 compact idea 2
We now introduce a much more compact form of our SMP connectors. In combination with our extremely flexible cables, this makes connecting to your sample in a cramped cryostat a breeze. Interested? Use the quote request form or contact us directly!

Latest news

We are proud to be covered in the following MIT Technology Review article on Quantum Computers and the hassle to get the right i/o

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