SNSPD Readout

Reliable I/O connections to single-photon detectors

Image used courtesy of NASA JPL

Delft Circuits’ flexible multichannel cables offer an optimal solution for elevating the scalability of single-photon detector readout systems, all while accommodating diminishing form factors. Our products have been specifically engineered to feature a low heatload per channel and a minimal number of connectors, ensuring the transmission of signals with minimal distortion, even for pulses lasting less than a nanosecond. This guarantees a robust and reliable I/O solution tailored to the most challenging photonic applications.

At Delft Circuits, we specialize in delivering high-speed, scalable cryogenic I/O solutions, placing a premium on ease of maintenance and compatibility across a range of cryostats, from very compact setups to larger systems.

This schematic showcases I/O connections to a single-photon detector featuring four SNSPD pixels. The yellow line represents our multichannel Cri/oFlex® CF3-Ag cable, while the black line can either be low-frequency wiring or also our Cri/oFlex® CF3-Ag.