Cri/oFlex® Applications

In what fields are we active?

Since the start of development in 2017, we have worked closely with our customers and partners to find out where our technology could have the biggest impact in quantum hardware. Fast-forwarded to now, we compiled a short overview of our current focus groups, for which we are specifically designing our products. Find out how Cri/oFlex® can help your setup by clicking on the applications below!

Quantum Computing

The race for kilo qubits has begun. The demonstration of quantum supremacy promises practical applications in the near future. The hardware for quantum processors is becoming more complex. Present wiring solutions cannot achieve the goal of a kilo qubit. Delft Circuits instead have found a new innovative way to address the scalability of quantum hardware.

Quantum Internet

The integration of multiple cryogenic quantum processors into a network opens up many possibilities. Quantum internet and quantum communication offer an intrinsically secure alternative to conventional cryptography. The radical approach of implementing stable communication channels requires unconventional solutions.


The scanning techniques as well as magnetometry require sensitive probes to deliver microwaves to the sample. In combination with a limited space, low temperatures, and vibration isolation make the experiment challenging. Delft Circuits designed an extremely thin and flexible wire for microwave transmission.

Astrophysics & Detectors

The way people look to outer space has moved far away from telescopes. Nowadays there are many kinds of detectors that help scientists expand their knowledge. Limits in the form factor and cooling power should no longer slow the progress. 

Application missing?

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