Cryogenic-based science

Pioneer connectivity at the lowest temperatures possible

In the broad and diverse field of cryogenic-based science, researchers are united by a common need for reliable cabling solutions that can perform at (ultra-)low temperatures. Delft Circuits’ Cri/oFlex® technology, originally designed for the demanding quantum computing market, offers unparalleled performance and reliability that extends seamlessly into the field of cryogenic science. Our I/O solutions are specifically designed to maintain their integrity and performance in these extreme conditions.

At Delft Circuits, our expertise extends beyond just cabling and cryogenics. With a diverse R&D team composed of experts from various fields, we have the knowledge and experience to support complex integration projects. We understand how to seamlessly integrate cabling with mechanical components, providing comprehensive solutions that go beyond a simple cable. Our in-house fabrication capabilities allow us to meet unique specifications and deliver custom solutions tailored to the specific needs of each project.

Having collaborated on numerous projects with a variety of researchers, we have a deep understanding of the unique requirements and challenges faced by different scientific disciplines. Curious of we can also meet yours? Feel free to contact us and see how we can support your experimental setups!


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