Wiring ports

Upgrade your current cryostat using standard access ports

Fitting Cri/oFlex® into your cryostat requires support infrastructure. From brackets, to thermal clamps and vacuum feedthroughs. This page shows you the available options.

Supporting infrastructure is required to integrate the i/o chain into the fridge. The two main considerations are:

  • Feeding into the vacuum, for which our (multi-) flex vacuum feedthroughs are developed
  • Thermalizing the chain, for which a variety of thermalization components are available

Plug and play - self-installation

The easiest and most economical way to wire your system is by using a Line of Sight (LoS) Port with a standard I/O configuration.  

Out of the box

In such a delivery you are supplied with:

  • Vacuum feedthroughs
  • Thermal clamps
  • Brackets
  • Cri/oFlex® laminates

In such a delivery a full Cri/oFlex® I/O chain can be obtained in small amount of time and self-installed.

Available Wiring ports

For several wiring ports Delft Circuits has standard solutions. In increments of 8 CH, we have readily available solutions for the following ports. 

sma cables with vacuumfeedthrough in packaging box
sma cables with vacuumfeedthrough in packaging box
double slit kf40 2 sma flexible crioflex cables
4 flexible sma cables in a single vacuumfeedthrough kf40