MKID Dectectors - Astrophysics and Space

Cri/oFlex®: a TES & MKID Cable

Delft Circuits’ adaptable multichannel cables emerge as the optimal solution for detector arrays in astrophysics, whether deployed on the ground or in-flight. Designed with flexibility and low weight in mind, our cables enable seamless scaling due to their low heatload and a minimal number of connectors even for signals up to X-band and higher. This is ideal for MKID detector arrays and for TES detectors with novel microwave multiplexing readout.

Utilizing normal and superconducting materials and fabricated integrated components on our polyimide laminates, we deliver a unified and reliable I/O solution tailored for the most demanding environments.

In the realm of astrophysics, where precision and reliability are paramount, contact Delft Circuits to provide the technology that aligns seamlessly with the challenges of ground-based and in-flight detector arrays.


Cri/oFlex® solution for TES & MKID cabling​

Our Cri/oFlex® CF3 products enable further scaling of these detectors by offering an alternative to conventional coaxial cabling for MKID that is:

For the most demanding experiments requiring low signal attenuation and heat load we are developing a superconducting version of our cabling for MKID, TES and other astrophysics detectors.