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Delft Circuits combines a one-stop-shop for entire i/o assemblies with system engineering services. This allows our customers to focus on their quantum systems and experiments and offload all cabling and i/o related work. From consultancy, to maintenance and upgrades, Delft Circuits Engineering team can help you in every step.

System Requirements

The first step to engineering the optimal system is understanding the i/o requirements for the quantum system. Typically, the following aspects are important:

  • Purpose of the line: e.g. Microwave drive-, Flux bias- or signal line. And more specifically, frequency range, dynamic range, noise temperature and stopbands
  • Number of channels/qubits
  • Interfacing solution (SMA, SMP, HD connectors)
  • Readout line requirements: Noise temperature requirements and gain
  • Fridge- & experiment layout: e.g. Vacuum feedthrough ports, space availability (taking fridge and experiment space requirements into account) and cooling power

System Design

The optimal i/o system can be designed based on the electrical requirements and temperature- and mechanical profile of the fridge.
The combination of a CAD program with Cri/oSuite® (our inhouse software tool for cryogenic electrical- & thermal i/o design) allows us to optimize the i/o design and positioning of the various integrated components. Typically, we optimize for minimum noise temperature at the location of the qubits.

Combination of a CAD program with Cri/oSuite®

Show the different types of lines for this specific setup together with noise calculations and 3D render

Flex Manufacturing, Assembly & Quality Control

Delft Circuits manufactures the flex in its inhouse manufacturing cleanroom. Accordingly, all flexes pass quality control both at room temperature as well as at cryogenic temperatures. Quality control focuses on microwave properties and is available upon request.
Once all flexes are ready, they are assembled in a loader / probe together with all fittings and 3rd party (readout) components. A final system check is carried out and the complete system is made ready for shipping.

  • Inhouse fabricated and cryogenically tested
  • Quality control report available upon request.
  • Pre assembled top and sideloaders possible.-

Manufacturing, Assembly & Quality control

Inhouse manufacturing cleanroom)

Installation & Maintenance service

Depending on the complexity of the system, Delft Circuits can install the i/o system and (help) carry-out on-site quality checks. Our maintenance service offers quick remote or on-site support with I/O upgrading, replacements or troubleshooting.

Installation & Service

System design

Typically an I/O configuration is simulated by its transmission properties, whilst optimising for thermal properties, such as noise performance and active heat load.

Performance simulation

In the heat flow analyser we are able to calculate each circuit element, and its heat flows. Thereby understanding what Johnson-noise each component actually emits, and contributes to the thermal budget.

Noise simulation

Finally, for each scenario we are able to predict a noise spectral density, whereby we take into account the thermal conditions of each element. 

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