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Lorentzweg 1,
2628 CJ Delft,
The Netherlands

Delft University of Technology
Building 22, E3.22

Shipping Address

Van der Waalsweg 8,
2628CH Delft,
The Netherlands


Our design studio, fabrication facilities and offices are located at the Quantum Campus Delft, which is located at the Applied Physics building of Delft University of Technology (building 22). The building is on campus right beside the Aula/congress hall, with parking spaces on the backside. We are located on the third floor in the E-wing (furthest away from the Aula), as located in the image. Please give us a call if you need help locating our offices, as it is surprisingly difficult to find for the uninitiated. 

Visiting by Car

When visiting by car, we recommend setting your navigation to Van der Waalsweg 8, 2628CH, Delft. Above, you can see the TNW building (Building 22) shaded in grey wherein Delft Circuits is situated. From the highway, approach the building from the back and cross the bridge to park in the public university parking lot.
After parking, walk to the front of the building to enter from the main entrance, indicated in red above. We will be located in E3.22, on the third floor, to the right upon entering the main entrance (see figure above). 

Visiting by Public Transport

On weekdays, we recommend going to Delft Central station and taking bus 40 or 174 towards Delft Technopolis. Our bus stop is TU – Aula. 

Alternatively, you could take a 15-minute walk from the Delft Campus train station. 

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