Mix & Match lines

Configure your optimal I/O chain

Within the Cri/oFlex® technology platform we have many possibilities to configure I/O chains. The easiest route is to Mix & Match lines together with our Sales and Engineering team. For more details on how to configure your cryogenic I/O check our core technology or design guide

Mix & Match lines

For special applications wherein specific I/O chain configurations are required, Cri/oFlex® offers the possibility to Mix & Match  specific I/O chains from standard available sections. 

Available I/O Sections

Available components

Storage temperature0 K to 320 K
Operating temperature0 K to 400 K (gradient)
ApplicationsQubit flux for superconducting qubits or similar
Number of channels8
Transmission typeStripline
Connector typeSMA female / SMP
Primary flex materialsPolyimide, NbTi
Minimum bending radius 5 mm
Required length for 180° longitudinal rotation 10 mm
Vacuum feedthrough connection ​KF25/40, ISO 100
side and top loader ports
Vacuum feedthrough leak rate < 10-9 mbar L/s

Want to know more?

Learn more about our available components and products to Mix & Match to your optimal solution, contact our Sales team.