Industrial Applications

Applications beyond the lab.

At Delft Circuits, our innovative cryogenic cabling solutions are not just limited to quantum computing. We’re dedicated to providing versatile and reliable technology that meets the diverse needs of industries beyond the lab. From aerospace to biomedical and automotive applications, our flexible cryogenic cables can be used in other demanding environments. Let’s explore how Delft Circuits could solve other industrial applications with our flexible cabling technology


Reliability, low weight, and microwave performance

Image used courtesy of TTTech Aerospace

In space, where reliability, low weight, and microwave performance are paramount, Delft Circuits’ flexible cryogenic cabling solutions can offer a unique product in the field. From satellite communications to space missions, our cables can meet specifications the existing solutions have trouble reaching and/or combining. To get an idea about how our cables perform, we recommend browsing around in the technology pages, and the product pages, the integration into cryogenic systems might not be an exact fit, but should give a good idea about the flexibility and solution driven mind-set we have. If you wonder we can also modify our cables to your unique system, dont hesitate to contact us!


Cryogenic imaging with a unique I/O solution

Image used courtesy of Dartmouth College Electron Microscope Facility

A clear trend in biomedical imaging is going cryogenic. Whether it’s in SEM or other imaging techniques. Get the best help in cryogenic I/O available on the planet. We serve different customers in this field.

In order to see if we can solve your cabling needs, feel free to browse around in the technology pages, and the product pages, or to immediately contact us!


Robust cables for the next generation

Maybe a bit surprising since the field has no apparent connection to cryogenic. But the need for reliable flexible cabling is present in this field. Since we offer a unique product with some stark differences to (for example) a flex-pcb we are a very attractive partner also for the automotive sector. Contact us to see where possibilities lie, we are always open for discussion.

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