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Cri/oFlex®, our flexible cryogenic cable product

Approaching the Cri/oFlex® products can be done in 2 ways, from a integration point of view, how to get the products in your system? Or from a cable type approach, what kind of cables do we actually sell? Click your the approach you like best below:

Cri/oFlex® product platform

For the input/output (i/o) chains of cryogenic quantum computing, communication and sensing play an essential role in its performance. Especially in larger systems, cabling or component failure, passive heatload and limited space can be a challenge.

Cri/oFlex® is designed specifically for cryogenic (quantum) systems and provides a scalable platform with fully integrated filtering, a small footprint and low heatload.

At Delft Circuits, it is our goal to be a one-stop shop for cryogenic i/o assemblies. To accomplish this goal we have developed three modules. Firstly the interconnect module consisting of electrical- and microwave interfaces, as well as vacuum feedthroughs and thermal anchoring. Secondly, two material platforms (flex laminates) for signal transmission and lastly on-flex integrated components for signal conditioning.

With these three modules we can tackle every cryogenic i/o challenge!

The most important choice for your I/O is the type of signal it is configured to transmit. 

Cri/oFlex® can be integrated into your cryostat in multiple ways. Click to find out more.

overview of crioflex cabling inside dilution refrigerator with schematics and logos for different components

I/O channel configuration

What type of cables are available?

Cri/oFlex® offers many possibilities to taylor the I/O-chain specification to your application needs. The most typically produced configurations are packaged in a standard configuration:

Read-out lines

Integrate return lines into your I/O solution, including isolators and optionally TWPAs, from topline third party suppliers.

Learn more

example of readout line 3 th party component integrated with crioflex




We understand that every customer is different and all systems require a very specific cabling solution. All our cabling solutions are designed specifically to be able to be used in conjunction with each other. This applies in two different ways: 


Different types of cables, for example microwave drive lines and flux bias lines can be mixed in single vacuum feedthrough to perfectly match your cabling requirements.

4 flexible sma cables in a single vacuumfeedthrough kf40


Our cables can be build with different ‘building blocks’, by mixing different cable sections the perfect solution can be built from exisiting building blocks, thereby reducing cost, throughput time and still perfectly matching your cabling requirements.

Available I/O Sections

Available components

2 flexible sma cryogenic cables with integrated filtering and tabbi/ flex to flex connection

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System integration

How to integrate the cables in my system?

There is a wide variety of cooling solutions for quantum computing and low temperature experiments, ranging from lab size dilution refrigerators to small 4K table-top systems. As an i/o provider, it is our task to connect quantum devices and cold experiments to the control electronics regardless of the cooling implementation. To that end we have developed standardized solutions that fit (or can be made to fit) all fridges.

Whether you are purchasing a new system or want to refurbish your current system, Cri/oFlex® provides a solution.


Wiring ports

Have a spare port in your fridge and want to add extra lines or replace an existing wiring port with a higher density cabling solution?

We supply vacuum feedthroughs, Thermal clamps, Brackets and Cri/oFlex® laminates for all standard ports you will find in dilution refridgerators.


double slit kf40 2 sma flexible crioflex cables


Delft Circuits can supply fully pre-assembled loaders with Cri/oFlex cabling inside.

We supply top- and sideloaders for all common brands such as Bluefors, Oxford and Leiden Cryogenics.

The advantages of pre-assambled loaders:

sideloader for bluefors fridge fully filled with crioflex cables ready for installation


Trying to lead the way in the quantum revolution? We can match your pace in cabling solutions. 

Outfitting full systems with cutting edge I/O solutions. Massively scaling cabling solutions for everyone that needs the edge in the quantum race.

Our options:

delft circuits employee installing a toploader in cryogenic fridge filled with crioflex cables

Need some help picking the right option?

First questions to ask yourself is how your system is currently wired. Do you have a port available or full loader you would like to install, upgrade or add wiring to?

For ports Delft Circuits recommends choosing from our wiring ports solution, if you want to fill a single port with more cables or get a lower heatload etc. etc. and already know exactly what cables you want pick the Wiring ports option. if you want a hassle free solution with installation, service, calibration. We recommend going for the turn-key solution and see what else we can do for you.

Delft Circuits recommends

Wiring ports

Delft Circuits recommends


For ports Delft Circuits recommends choosing from our wiring ports solution, if you want to fill a loader with more cables or get a lower heatload etc.. If you want a hassle free solution with installation etc. etc. we recommend going for the turn-key solution and see what else we can do for you

Delft Circuits recommends

Delft Circuits recommends

If you are building a new system we recommend looking at everything we have to offer for you, next to just I/O we can help you design, help you optimize, do cryogenic calculations, calibrations and much more.

Delft Circuits recommends