How to fit Cri/oFlex into your fridge?

To provide reliable and easy installation the following fittings can be shipped with the flex.

Thermal Clamps

To properly thermalize the flex and reduce thermal noise, thermal clamps are provided at each cryogenic stage. The planar geometry, large surface area and thin laminate allow for improved thermalization compared to coaxial solution, even when placing multiple substrates in a single thermal clamp.

By providing the corresponding adapter plates our thermal clamps are compatible with:

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Vacuum Feedthroughs

Our Cri/oFlex product can be potted in various vacuum feedthroughs. This allows for a hermetically sealed high density rf wiring solution to bridge the pressure difference between ambient pressure and high vacuum systems.

Our vacuum feedthroughs allow up to 32 channels in a standard KF40 port with leak rates below 1.2⋅10^(−9) mBar L/s and outgassing rates below 6⋅10^(−8) mBar L/s. Every vacuum feedthrough can be provided with a mounting system to securily mount our SMA and SMP breakouts at ambient pressure.

Our vacuum feedthroughs are compatible with, but not at all limited to the ones shown below. Have a different port and are wondering if we can help you? We are confident that we can! Contact us and see what options are out there!


Fit up to 2 flexes, 16 channels in a single KF25 Flange

2-slit kf25 vacuum feedthrough with 2 flexible cables with sma connectors


Up to 4 flexes, 32 channels in a single KF40 flange


Up to 10 flexes,80 channels in a single ISO100 flange

modular vacuum feedthrough mvf100 with 10 modules for 10 different flex cables


To secure the connector blocks on the vacuum ports and thermal stages additional hardware can be provided. Universal compatibility and an easy to install design guarantee a well thermalized reliable interconnect.

A lot of these brackets are custom designed for the specific projects we worked at. Most of them however are quite easily interchangeable and used in multiple situations. If you want to know whether or not it will fit in your system, or if we can make something that fits, contact us!

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