We meet your I/O requirements for semiconductor spin quantum circuits

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Delft Circuits excels in meeting the elaborate I/O requirements for semiconductor spin quantum circuits.  Our multichannel cables with integrated attenuators and filters offer bus-like I/O with configurable channel to channel phase delays with picosecond precision. The rugged laminates prevent vibration induced electric noises. This facilitates the seamless connection of the electrostatic sensitive quantum dot-based processors to the room temperature control stack.

Currently, the solid-state spin quantum processors demand large amounts of wiring, while often the processor housing allows for limited space. Delft Circuits can already provide full I/O systems. It also has the capabilities and expertise to develop your next I/O solution in parallel with your processor development. Contact Delft Circuits today so that we can deliver just-in-time for your next breakthrough.


Why pick Delft Circuits for your spin qubits?




Below we show an overview of a the typical wiring used for solid-state spin qubit quantum computers. With Cri/oFlex we can supply all the needed types of I/O to make this system really shine. See below the products we recommend and also take a look at our platform overview to see how these cables can be integrated into your system.

This schematic highlights I/O connections to a quantum processor featuring four quantum dots that can be configured to form qubits, and two sensing quantum dots that can be read-out by RF reflectometry. Black lines represent multichannel Cri/oFlex® CF3-Ag cables with integrated components, while blue lines denote our superconducting multichannel CF3-SCON cables. The dashed line signifies a cable with twisted pairs for static voltages. Additional colors aid visual separation, with a comprehensive legend here below. 

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