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Our Story

The story of Delft Circuits started in 2016, when Delft Circuits’ founders Sal Jua Bosman, Paulianne Bosman Brouwer and Daan Kuitenbrouwer started their daily activities. Frustrated by a lack of dedicated quantum hardware to support Sal’s PhD at TU Delft, he then set out the goal to find solutions to the hardware nightmare of Quantum Computing researchers all over the world. In 2017 Delft Circuits b.v. was formally founded, with beta-testing in progress for our Cri/oFlex® products.

Fast-forwarding to now, we rapidly grew to a team of over 15 people, with our company proudly self-funded and co-owned by our core team of employees. Our proof-of-concept microwave channels have matured to ready-for-sales product lines, and the next steps in production capabilities and microwave components are being developed to expand our product portfolio. After our first sales started in early 2019, we are also proud to say we have customers all over the world, ranging from world-leading national laboratories to global corporations, startups and universities, with Cri/oFlex® Technology making a difference in each of their setups.

The cleanroom of Delft Circuits is located at TU Delft with access to QuTech facilities. Most of our employees achieved their studies at TU Delft and QuTech laboratory. We are currently expanding the human power and hardware equipment. With the support of a European Commission grant, the company has ambitious plans to deliver a next-generation solution for multi-channel lines and many more.

We are an ambitious group of people, ready to realize our vision of paving the way for quantum technologies, by providing innovative and relevant solutions to the hardware challenges of quantum engineers. We are dedicated to supplying the best hardware for the quantum engineer and industry. Together with our customers, we make quantum technologies a reality.

Our Mission

Quantum technologies offer revolutionary new capabilities for mankind, and will most likely affect even more segments of our lives than we can imagine. The industry is booming but is still in its infancy. With Quantum Computing, a landscape of new possibilities will be added to the thriving ecosystem of high-performance computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Quantum-communication and -internet bring new capabilities in information/security technologies and distributed computing. Quantum sensing will bring a whole new dimension to a host of industries and sciences. These are just the fields we see today.

Our mission is to support our customers in making quantum technologies a reality, by providing dedicated quantum hardware.

In the last two decades, we witnessed an explosive growth in academic research and experimental results related to quantum technologies. Now, this development is transitioning into a quantum industry, of which we are proudly the part. With our team we are devoted to supplying the quantum industry, academia and national labs with the best available tools, technology and services, so they can focus on their real task.

Our Facilities

In-house Fabrication & Characterization

Delft Circuits has an in-house fabrication and pilot-production facility of 150 m2 located at the Delft Quantum Campus. Our lab contains a fully-fledged production process, capable of fabricating multi-layer (super)conducting circuits on flexible substrates. Our processes require expertise and equipment including metal deposition, lithography, chemical processing, high-resolution inspection and much more.

To validate our products, we have access to cryogenic and measurement equipment for thermal and electro/ microwave characterisation from room-temperature to 10 milliKelvin.

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Laboratory (VLL)

Within the Delft Quantum Campus, we have one of the largest research cleanrooms in Europe. Here we have access to most of the possible fabrication and inspection technologies. We can deposit many superconductors, metals and dielectrics through evaporation, sputtering, ALD, LPCVD, PECVD, etc. We have access to optical and E-beam lithography and inspection like AFM and SEM. With more than a decade of experience in this cleanroom, we are the ideal partner to fabricate your most challenging circuits.

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