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Enabling the quantum revolution with quantum computing cables

The past decade has seen explosive growth in research dedicated to quantum technologies such as quantum sensing, quantum communication, and quantum computing. Quantum computing hardware requires extremely cold temperatures to operate and are therefore usually placed within a cryogenic dilution refrigerator. Interfacing the ultra-cold quantum device with the room temperature control electronics poses a highly complex cabling challenge, especially in a future where quantum processors have more than a thousand qubits.

The problem becomes clear when you look up a photo of a large quantum computer; all you see are massive cables for quantum computers going down. While bulky semi-rigid coax cable has been sufficient to address and read out tens of qubits, there is a desperate need for higher density interconnects, both from the perspective of physical size as well as decreasing the conduction of heat down the dilution fridge.

Our Cri/oFlex® cable for quantum computers

To tackle this problem, we have taken a radically different approach and started designing a quantum computing cable from scratch, with the intention of creating the perfect cabling for quantum computing. The result is a flexible microwave cable that paves the way towards further upscaling the hardware of quantum computers by providing:

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Our Cri/oFlex® 3 is our dedicated microwave solution for large scale quantum computing. Join the development now as a validation partner in our Primary Field Lab program!

Cri/oFlex® 3

Massively scalable cryogenic i/o

Massively scalable multi-channel flexible RF cable for refrigerators, optimized for quantum computing applications with built-in on-flex filtering for signal conditioning.


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