Find turn-key I/O solutions for your Quantum system

Delft Circuits’ multichannel cables with integrated components offer a practical solution for enhancing the scalability of superconducting quantum computers. Our cables boast a low heatload per channel and an optimized distribution of attenuators, low pass filters, and infrared filters for optimal noise reduction, all directly embedded in the cable. The reduced number of connectors and inherently efficient thermalization ensures the robust and reliable solution within the quantum computing industry.

Delft Circuits provides full I/O solutions to facilitate seamless connections between any control electronics stack at room temperature and superconducting quantum processors at 10 mK. We deliver turn-key cryo I/O systems, emphasizing ease of maintenance and compatibility. Contact Delft Circuits for a grounded and realistic approach to advancing your quantum computing capabilities.


This schematic showcases I/O connections to a quantum processor with four superconducting qubits and three couplers. Black lines depict multichannel Cri/oFlex® CF3-Ag cables with integrated components, and blue lines represent our superconducting multichannel CF3-SCON cables. Other colors are for visual separation.