The Delft Circuits (DC) team loves working together to create state-of-the-art quantum technologies. The best part of DC is the team, and the team is DC. Within DC, the design cycle is central – analyse, design, fabricate, measure – at a rapid rate. Typically, we get together Monday morning to discuss the planning and goals of the week. Friday afternoon we get together to brainstorm and wrap up our one-week design cycle. This way we stay updated and in focus.

Everyone is free to organize their work as it suits them. As far as we know, we only have about 100 years here on earth, and the goal is to spend this time well. We like freedom, creativity, group work and fun. We started DC because we couldn’t find a job that fits this description, and now we have made it for ourselves. In short, DC is a place where you can learn from experienced people, use your own creativity, learn to work in a team within a structured design-based workflow and be among enthusiastic and dedicated people.

On this page we post an updated list of our job offers we feel are necessary to expand our team’s capabilities. Want to know more about our team first? Check out our Team and Blog pages to get to know us better!

Quantum Engineer

Job description We offer a job where you simply join our design studio developing our product! For further details; drop a mail. Are you interested contact

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