Cri/oFlex® validated in Bluefors system

With years of product development and beta-testing with key players in the field of quantum computing, Delft Circuits for the first time publishes public benchmark results together with cryogenic fridge supplier BlueFors and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. In a preprint published today on arXiv the study demonstrates the equivalent coherence of superconducting qubits in comparing regularly used coaxial solution to a Cri/oFlex® integrated flexible stripline.
This is the first public study demonstrating the seamless integration and interoperability of Cri/oFlex® cryogenic cabling with BlueFors dilution refrigerators and thereby paving the way for large scale quantum computers. 
Using multiple circuit layers of thin film Silver or Superconducting NbTi on flexible foils, with integrated circuit components, radically reduces heat transfer through the cabling, footprint and allows the ability to shape the microwave performance by design.
This work confirms our vision and mission. Moreover, it comes right at the moment that we have radically upscaled our manufacturing capabilities and system engineering teams  focusing on solutions for our customers. Mail us at to learn more about our products and solutions.
We are very grateful for this fruitful collaboration with leading players in the field of quantum computing BlueFors and VTT research centre. Together we go faster and make quantum computing a reality.