18 April 2024  |  Delft, the Netherlands

ImpaQT UA Appoints New Leader to Accelerate Development of Quantum Computing by Fostering a Collaborative Ecosystem

ImpaQT UA, a consortium started by quantum technology companies based in Delft, is taking new steps to accelerate the field of quantum computing. Taking a value-chain approach, ImpaQT aims to advance seamless integration between the components and services of its member companies. Through an “interoperable-by-design” philosophy, ImpaQT UA will lower the barriers to entry for quantum technology start-ups by establishing a collaborative environment.

A Collaborative Ecosystem for Quantum Innovation
ImpaQT partners have a track record in jointly building full-stack systems that grow in size and complexity. Since the beginning of the year, it is working to further enhance standardized connectivity in hardware interfaces with the MQCDev project, lowering the barrier for system integrators to build quantum computing hardware stacks with off the shelf components.

New Leadership to Drive Growth
Effective April 1st, Andrea G. Rodriguez assumed the position of Lead at ImpaQT UA. Rodriguez brings years of experience helping the community advance their strategic goals and will be key in driving the growth of ImpaQT.

About ImpaQT UA
ImpaQT UA is a consortium founded by quantum computing companies based in Delft, Netherlands – Delft Circuits, Orange Quantum Systems, Qblox, and QuantWare. The consortium fosters a collaborative ecosystem where member companies develop interoperable and industry-ready components that pave the way for large scale quantum computers, which require off the shelf components and open interfaces. By establishing open standards and fostering a culture of collaboration, ImpaQT UA aims to contribute to the development of utility scale quantum computers.

Andrea G. Rodriguez