Cri/oFlex® 2

Flexible RF cable

The new cryogenic microwave standard

Product Specifications

Cri/oFlex® 2 series is specifically designed for cryogenic environments where thermal load, microwave performance, small form factor and phase stability are critically important. Our standardized flexible RF cable Cri/oFlex® 2 is ideally suited to solve space constraints in crowded setups, such as table-top cryogenic systems or densely populated mixing chambers of dilution refrigerators. The flexible RF cabling is based on monolithic waveguides; the phase stability is practically insensitive to vibrations or bending. Our versatile Cri/oFlex® technology remains highly flexible from room temperature down to cryogenic temperatures. The excellent microwave properties of our waveguides survive many bending cycles and bending radius as small as 1 mm. To speed up our production and ensure faster delivery times, we have developed standardized cable dimensions and connector options.

  • Customisable connectors (SMP, SMPM SMA)
  • Different connector orientations, straight or right-angle
  • Customisable lengths up to 100 cm
  • Excellent phase stability
  • Bandwidth up to 26.5 GHz
  • Insertion losses < 10 dB/m @ f = 12 GHz and T = 4 K
  • Thermal load < 9* nW per channel @ T = 10 mK
  • Crosstalk < -60 dB
*For more detailed specifications, please download our datasheet.
**If you are looking for 3D files and/or drawings you can find them here: 3D & drawings database

Extreme flexibility and small form factor make Cri/oFlex® 2 quick and easy to install in even the most compact system. Through extensive durability testing and quality control we ensure that the cables survive countless bending cycles and thermal cycles to guarantee continued operation once they are installed.

Read more in the brochure.

CF2 product 1

Product Applications of Cri/oFlex® 2

Quantum Internet

Flexible RF cable Cri/oFlex® 2 is perfectly suited for Quantum Internet applications, where signal multiplexing requires few microwave channels. The flexibility of the substrate simplifies installation, and helps create a robust system.


In cryogenic setups with moving parts, vibrational coupling is a source of noise, leading to x-y drifts or other measurement disturbances. At the same time, control/read-out signals require flexible RF cables that do not facilitate these vibrations. Read more on STMs and SPMs on our dedicated applications page.

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Download Cri/oFlex® 2 Datasheet