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Cryogenic wiring at your fingertips using Cri/oFlex®

Cri/oFlex® product platform

For the input/output (i/o) chains of cryogenic quantum computing, communication and sensing play an essential role in its performance. Especially in larger systems, cabling or component failure, passive heatload and limited space can be a challenge.

Cri/oFlex® is designed specifically for cryogenic (quantum) systems and provides a scalable platform with fully integrated filtering, a small footprint and low heatload.

At Delft Circuits, it is our goal to be a one-stop shop for cryogenic i/o assemblies. To accomplish this goal we have developed three modules. Firstly the interconnect module consisting of electrical- and microwave interfaces, as well as vacuum feedthroughs and thermal anchoring. Secondly, two material platforms (flex laminates) for signal transmission and lastly on-flex integrated components for signal conditioning.

With these three modules we can tackle every cryogenic i/o challenge!

The most important choice for your I/O is the type of signal it is configured to transmit. 

Cri/oFlex® can be integrated into your cryostat in multiple ways. Click to find out more.

Especially for large channel capacity solutions – a few hundred-, dedicated engineering is required to come with an optimal solution

I/O channel configuration

Cri/oFlex® offers many possibilities to taylor the I/O-chain specification to your application needs. The most typically produced configurations are packaged in a standard configuration:

Mix & Match lines

For special applications where specific I/O chain configurations are required, Cri/oFlex® offers the possibility to Mix & Match  specific I/O chains from standard available sections. 

Available I/O Sections

Available components

Read-out lines

In case you want to integrate return lines into your I/O solution Delft Circuits offers coaxial-based return line solutions, including isolators and optionally TWPAs, from topline third party suppliers.

Cryogenic Platform integration

Wiring ports



One way to integrate Cri/oFlex® into your system is by using KF40 or similar. 

Cri/oFlex® is also available in Top- and Side-loaders for various cryogenic platforms.

For complex I/O challenges our system engineering team is ready to support our customers in designing the optimal solution for your application.