Flexible Cryogenic

Low thermal conductance and scalable cryogenic multi-channel wiring solution using (super)conducting circuits on flexible substrates.


The state of the art in cryogenic cabling as referenced by DARPA.

Only available Superconducting flex
in the world.

Get access to our unique flexible NbTi stripline technology:

  • 1.5 dB/m of losses at 6 GHz

  • 9 Kelvin critical temperature

  • 150 mA critical current

  • less then 10 mOhm contact resistance

Only available
on-flex components
in the world.

Get rid of clunky and expensive microwave components and integrate them into your flex:

  • IR (infrared) filter

  • LPF (low pass filters)

  • Attenuators of 10 dB, 20 dB

scalability & reliability I/O
in the world.

Leverage your current or new cryostat with extensive new wiring capabilties:

  • KF40, KF25, ISO/DIN 100 ports readily available

  • Up to 32 channels through a KF40 port (4 cm)

  • No mechanical interruptions on each stage

  • Less then 10 nW of heat load per channel.

Configure your wiring:

Control your qubits with Superconducting flux lines:

Our flexible NbTi stripline technology allows:

  • Baseband transmission from DC to 2 GHz.

  • Lossless DC bias currents up to 150 mA 

  • IR suppression up to 200 GHz

Drive your qubits with Microwave drive lines

Fully integrated solution tailored for driving your qubits:

  • Microwave transmission cut off at 8 GHz

  • Inline attenuation of 30 dB optimised for noise suppression

  • Benchmarked to be equivalent or better than standard coaxial solutions

Full I/O assemblies
tailored to your application

Get access to our world class cryogenic I/O engineering services:

  • Customised Flux, Drive, Feed, Pump and Output Lines.

  • Systems up to a thousand channels

  • Integration experience in BlueFors, Leiden Cryogenics and Maybell

  • Full cycle service, from design, to on-site installation to maintenance available 

Delft Circuits

The quantum industry most trusted partner in cryogenic I/O.

  • From blue chip cooperations, to national labs, scale- & startups, and academia, Cri/oFlex® products are found worldwide.

  • With a track record of over eight years, Delft Circuits is one of the first suppliers in the quantum industry.

  • A unique technology, outstanding facilities and world class experts in cryogenic I/O. 

Inhouse facilities

Delft Circuits is equipped with over 1000 m2 (9.000 ft.) of production and cleanroom floor space. This allows inhouse flex production, cryogenic and microwave measurements.

A second fabline will be commissioned in 2024.


World class partners

With our serie A investor DeepTech XL, Delft Circuits is powered by high tech leaders ASML and Philips.

As the first Scaleup emanating from the QuTech quantum cluster we are deeply embedded in its eco-system. 

Outstanding team

In our multi-disciplinary team we combine semicon fabrication, microwave, cryogenic, materials, theoretical physics, aerospace, telecom, quantum and software engineering disciplines.