Cri/oFlex® validated in Bluefors system

Cri/oFlex Validated in Bluefors system from paper written by V. Y. Monarkha et al

Cri/oFlex® validated in Bluefors system With years of product development and beta-testing with key players in the field of quantum computing, Delft Circuits for the first time publishes public benchmark results together with cryogenic fridge supplier BlueFors and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. In a preprint published today on arXiv the study demonstrates the […]


ImpaQT 18 April 2024  |  Delft, the Netherlands ImpaQT UA Appoints New Leader to Accelerate Development of Quantum Computing by Fostering a Collaborative Ecosystem ImpaQT UA, a consortium started by quantum technology companies based in Delft, is taking new steps to accelerate the field of quantum computing. Taking a value-chain approach, ImpaQT aims to advance […]